Grocery Shopping at Fortnum & Mason Near Piccadilly Circus

Fortnum & Mason is a famous department store that specializes in supplying quality foods and teas. F&M is rumored to be the official grocer of the royal family and a few years ago, even the Queen herself made an appearance here! For commoners like me, Fortnum & Mason is simply a Disneyland for food lovers! You can find all sorts of unique teas, cheeses, biscuits, and pastries that are only sold here!

Fortnum and Mason 13

Marzipan fruit display at the specialty pastry counter.

Fortnum and Mason 1

Tower display of delicious biscuits in tins

Specialty Goods

There are many floors to this department store. Downstairs, you can find the fresh foods, flower market, and luxury canned goods. Upstairs, you can find mens and women’s clothing as well as designer tea sets. I love the ground floor since that is where the tea, biscuits, honey, and chocolate are!

Fortnum and Mason 2

Fortnum and Mason 5

F&M are famous for their tea biscuits! A lot of people buy these as gifts for friends at home. The packaging is incredibly beautiful, but so are the biscuits!

Fortnum & Mason Teas

F&M are the official providers of English tea to the royal family. Here, you can find specific royal blends designed specifically for various members such as Queen Anne, Queen Elizabeth, and William/Kate. They also serve some of the best and most famous afternoon teas in London if you have £40 to spare!


Fortnum and Mason Specialty Teas

Fortnum and Mason 14

This is the “Wedding Breakfast Blend” served at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding!

Fortnum and Mason 9

I love honey and I have never seen such a large assortment of honey from around the world!

Fortnum and Mason 10

Preserves and Marmalade: Rose Petal Jam and Banana Preserve

Black Truffle Honey

Black Truffle Honey


Honey made from bees that pollinate mango, passion flower, guava, and roseapple flowers grown on Pitcairn.

F&M provides samples of some of their products. This is probably the best Riesling I ever tasted!

F&M provides samples of some of their products. This is probably the best Riesling I ever tasted!

What I Bought

I am slightly embarrassed for how much I got at F&M so I’ll just let y’alls peek into my shopping basket. I did put some things away before I went to the cashiers (but that also means I added some more as I went along). I am not an impulsive buyer, but when it comes to food, man… that is my kryptonite.

My Shopping Basket

I did not intend on buying anything but I kinda went to town at F&M!

Walking around Fortnum & Mason is so luxurious! I find myself often fantasizing taking home a little bit of everything and creating the best pantry in the world! This is the only place I know where they sell cheese that comes packaged in their own beautiful ceramic jars. Oh yeah, and they sell foie gras and caviar like no big deal.. fancy. This is a great place to go shopping for small souvenirs and the teas here are very reasonably priced. It can get very overwhelming shopping here since it is such a big tourist destination these days, but I guarantee it will be hard to find another place like Fortnum & Mason.